Monday, January 10, 2011

"In spite of the cost of living, it's still popular."

What a way to start the NFL Playoffs. 

     The Seahawks beat the Saints, the Jets beat the Colts, the Ravens beat the Chiefs, and the Packers beat the Eagles.  I only saw three of the games, but man, the Seahawks-Saints game was entertaining enough.
     Being a Steelers fan, I'm not used to seeing high scoring shootouts.  For that reason, I am even more entertained when I do see one, as I did between the Saints and Seahawks on Saturday.  It made it all the better that the Seahawks were on the winning side, eliminating the defending champs in the first round.
     In the AFC, the Steelers will have to take on the Ravens, which I am somewhat excited for and somewhat scared for.  It will be a great, close game, no doubt, but I'm not sure which side the Steelers will end up on.  The Ravens are a great team, and even though I hate them, I respect them (unlike the Patriots).  Unfortuantely, I also think that they are good enough to beat the Steelers.  Nonetheless, I still expect the Steelers to win in a close, low-scoring game.  Here's hoping the Jets can win too.

In other news, my second semester of school started today.  I have Calc, Bio, Chem, and Sociology.  Yay.


  1. I was as surprised as anyone at the Seahawks getting over the Saints. No Cowboys, though, so what do I care? Haha.

    Anyways, I followed, commented, and clicked through a bit.. mind returning the favor and checking out my site? Thanks.


  2. Cool blog. I can't wait to watch more games!